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Down Payment Assistance programs available with a 620 credit score!

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Why is "NOW"the time to buy?

Right now is the best time to become a homeowner because interest rates are the lowest they've ever been on a 30 year mortgage at 3.85%. You're now able to buy a home with a 580 credit score or receive down payment assistance with a 620 credit score. 

As more people pour into the DFW metroplex the median cost for a decent home continues to rise. There's also numerous housing programs offered by Tarrant  County, Dallas County, and local mortgage companies. With so many opportunities to own a home don't let this market increase again and put it out of your reach. Contact me to put together your personal home ownership plan.

New Home ConstructionIn Framing Stages.j

Why Buy  New Contstruction?

Why not buy new? It gives you the peace of mind knowing that your entire home is under a builders warranty especially the foundation, plumbing, and HVAC system which are the most expensive repairs on a home. With preexisting homes you pray that the owner is truthful in their sellers disclosure form about the condition of their property or you hope the inspector can identify major problems and often not because an inspector isn't a specialist in those fields. For the price of a preexisting home in the DFW market you as a buyer could buy a new construction home with down payment assistance in a new community. 

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